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Love in action.

Hello everyone:  I was amazed to read this post today from my friend Carol, a woman I met on Active Rain; this real estate blog network.  She is a kind and gifted friend.   Please see her amazing art work by clicking on the link in her post below.

... and Carol, this one's for you.  GBU!  Barbara :)



CAROLS' POST TO "The Secret Place"

Still looking for that non-profit attorney... C'mon people, there has to be at least one in 95,211 members.

 There have been a couple of donations sent To Hope Ministries, but the ministry still needs more funds in order to formalize the association and obtain its IRS non-profit designation. If 1% of you guys respond with $5.00 that's (a) the attorney's retainer, (b) processing fees and (c) non-profit incorporation papers and (d) seed money to continue and expand her works of charity. We will talk about a building project later on down the road because I don't want to scare you.

 She can't be here for everybody, but she has consistently been here for some of us and I think we should return the favor and show her some love. If we help her expand the ministry she can help more people. That is a very good thing to do. So come join in the fun. I'm looking forward to hearing about Barbara's "pizza money" donations and how they help her expand her last six years of ministry work to a whole new level.

 WE WILL BE BLOGGING ABOUT THIS. There will be lots of pictures. This is what I do and I am pretty good at that. I might even sponsor an art auction on Active Rain in my blog. I happen to know some very talented people in this forum and will ask them to donate a work of art and host it live at the Soho Gallery that represents me. An AR You Tube event is starting to look very promising...

 What are YOU going to do to help Barbara?

 Drop me a line. Inquiring minds want to know.

 BTW, please send your not-tax-deductible-yet PAYPAL love gifts to: 

06/29/2008 01:39 PM by C Tann-Starr (REMAX People Realty)

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Love in action.
Hello everyone : I was amazed to read this post today from my friend Carol, a woman I met on ActiveRain; this real estate blog network. She is a kind and gifted friend. Please see her amazing art work by clicking on the link in her post below… more
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