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  - All of our relationships must be given over to Christ in order that we have no dependency upon anyone or anything that is apart from Him.  To maintain or retain any dependency upon those things we will eventually be led out of God's will.  By staying in God's Word, growing spiritually and being used continually to a greater degree by God, "strange" things begin to happen.

Much to my dismay, people began to be off cut from my life by God.  My prayer to the Father was and still is, "Lord, if this relationship does not glorify You and if I am in something that will eventually lead to pain or disobedience, then Lord cut it off and please take every emotion attached with it."  I can say with 100% accuracy He did this for me.  Never was I left with disappointment or feelings of loss -- He just severed the relationships. 

I watched as people who were not of like mind and heart with me begin to be removed or to remove themselves from my presence.  But why does this happen?

Simply put, on their part they will feel uncomfortable around the presence of the Holy Spirit within us and, on satan's part, it is a persecution against us through them in order to "sidetrack" us from the narrow path of the Father's perfect will through compromise.  WOW!

To stop continual persecutions against us stay in the place of obedience -- abiding in faith and love.  Have no regard for anything that is apart from Christ.  Do not retain any attchment to the things that are seen through the five physical senses rather than the things which are not seen. [2 Corinthians 4:18]. 

If, by my own choice, I do and leave the place of abiding with God in the "inner chamber" then a deep and thorough repentence is necessary and will be forthcoming.

GBY!  Barbara :) 

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