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FAST FOOD OR SOUL FOOD. What feeds your needs?

 A few days ago at my favorite cafe a woman walked in with her friends.  She commented to one of them that she wasn't feeling well.  Her friend offered a soft reply, "Do you want a bagel?"  At first I thought she heard the woman incorrectly.  Instead she was trying to comfort her with food -- a bagel none the less.  Let's see -- that's 8 grams of fat, 76 grams of carbs and 949 mg of sodium for a whopping 420 calories of fun stuff!  Way to get a bagel belly! ... and what a substitute for a tired body and a weary soul.


 I mentor women who often do not feel well in their body.  Fatique, stress, overwork, and lack of sleep piled on top of kids, spouse, and co-workers, let's not forget baseball practice, music lessons, and scouts in the midst of cooking, cleaning, and catering -- I think you get the picture.  Sometimes all that is needed is a caring word, an encouraging hug or some time alone. But a bagel? 

 I think it's interesting that people feed their emotions with fast food instead of food for the soul.  When our soul [our feelings and emotions] is fed with the solid food of God's Word we become satiated completely.  A bite of humble pie and we learn humility.  A piece of faith yields the peace of God.  Worship sandwiched between thankfulness and prayer yields a heart healthy return.

 The next time you're "not feeling quite yourself" grab for the Word of God to soothe your soul and quench your thirsty spirit.  It's there for the taking and He's there for the giving.  Receive from Him tonight by falling asleep under the shadow of His wing.  He's there to protect and to calm when you cast your cares upon Him.  1Peter 5:7

I promise you this -- God is big enough to carry your load.  Trust Him with it.

GBY!  Barbara :) 

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FAST FOOD OR SOUL FOOD. What feeds your needs?
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